Rõuge Ancient Day takes place on 22 July 2017

On the 22nd of July 2017, the ancient farm compound built according to the traditions of our ancestors and located just next to Rõuge’s Ööbikuoru valley will become home to a theme day dedicated to ancient living conditions and experimental archaeology.
 The day will be packed with educational and fun activities, including:
  • A workshop on ancient handicraft;
  • Competitions inspired by ancient warriors;
  • A peek into a Viking hillfort and farm household.
Lots to see and do!

Free entry. Participation fee charged at the handicraft workshops.

The workshops will be held by archaeologists, craftsmen and other specialists. We welcome everyone with an interest in ancient customs and lifestyle. Bring your friends and family!

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Experimental archaeology summer school 2017

The ancient construction techniques’ workshops taking place from the 10th until the 21st of July will teach the participants to make doors for the smithy and granary, begin construction of a barn, repair the roof of the dwelling house with birch bark and fix the summer kitchen.
During the two weeks, the participants will be able get to know the different stages of building a wooden house, starting from laying the stone foundation of the barn to finishing the complete building. Thematic workshops introducing different handicrafts will also take place in addition to construction work and will teach the participants to make educational items based on archaeological finds.

The participants of the experimental archaeology workshops are mostly archaeology students from the University of Tartu and students from the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, but also other volunteers interested in traditional handicraft.

The workshops will concentrate on the following themes:

• Woodwork
• Hand spinning
• Tin casting
• Iron smelting
• Forging a simple throwing spear
• Cooking with Iron Age supplies

All activities in the ancient farm during the two weeks of construction and workshops will be open to the public and the scientists, handicraftsmen and volunteers will be happy to talk to all visitors.
It is possible to spend the night in a sleeping bag on the floor of Rõuge Community Centre or the ancient dwelling house. Bring your own sleeping bag or bed linen.

Additional information and registration at:

Ragnar Saage
+372 5598 0250

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